Interview: Off to Oregon

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Sheila: we’ve just passed the famous New Hampshire highway liquor & wine outlet and are zooming our way to Boston. Why? Because tomorrow we fly at dawn off to Oregon! James and I are lucky enough to be enjoying the ride while our Uber driver, my dad, takes the wheel.

James: we are both very excited to be off on the next adventure! While Sheila takes her life coaching program in Portland, I’ll be doubling down, putting the finishing touches on her website (stay tuned for more on that!) and exploring Portland’s neighborhoods. Then, it’s off to Eugene to meet up with some good friends.

Sheila: The website is already looking great ✨ and we’ll be excited to share it here, with you all, when it launches. So, we’re on the road for ~2 weeks, which is the longest since our 4 month stint in Europe. James, how did you pack compared to that trip?

James: we still have to finish our gear guide and packing tips, but for sure our gear is different in some key respects this time around. It’s funny; the amount you pack doesn’t differ that much when living out of your bag versus something like a two week trip, but this time we are fully stocked with warm gear and key layering garments. Sheila, what’s the number one item you packed this time around you’re looking forward to using?

Sheila: My textbook & planner! Haha… but actually. As James knows, I got pretty excited about picking out a fuctional planner, as I actually enjoy getting organized. I didn’t pack one for Europe, so this is new! Otherwise, I always pack a Buff/neckie and when I can remember (which we did this time!) I bring little packs of nut butter for snacking. This time around was definitely more cold-weather focused but forecast is quite rainy, so I decided to stick to one pair of rain boots. These are also my favorite shoes and I’ll share in the gear guide 😏

James: we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for that! I also have my boots, which definitely didn’t make the packing list for Europe despite my love for them. It’s going to be great to introduce Sheila to two of my best friends in the world, Maryne and Rich, when we stay with them for a week in Eugene. I last saw them in September of 2018, so I’m excited to be reunited, and to see our friends Micah & Lacey (which the astute reader will remember from our epic driving day from Ljubljana to Munich).

Sheila: Yes! So looking forward to seeing all of them! I’ve never been north of San Francisco. Oregon will be completely new for me. James, give me three words you think of when I say “Oregon.”

James: green, wet … and vast?? It’s tough because the Cascades form such a stark contrast in terms of topology and geography. The eastern half of Oregon is very dry, but I think the western half is more what people think of when they hear “Pacific Northwest.” We’ll be playing around in Bend on the eastern side of Oregon for three days with Maryne, Rich (and their son, Ocho!), and another old friend of mine, so we’ll get the chance to see both sides of the amazing state!

Sheila: And we will document with photos along the way! I’ve heard so much about all three places but I still don’t have clear expectations going into the trip, just going to let things flow 🌊 Hopefully we can stay present, enjoy, and not think about the packed-packing days when we return, before moving 🚘

James: one thing is for sure — it’s going to be a great trip, and I’m glad we get to share the experience together.

Sheila: Funny, me too! 👋🏼

James: well, bye for now! 👋 stay tuned as our trip unfolds. 😁

Sheila: Signing off from 93 south!

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