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  1. Meet the Host: Rich & Maryne

    · 5 min read ·
    Ocho, Maryne, and Rich — hard to beat Ocho’s smile!Ocho, Maryne, and Rich — hard to beat Ocho’s smile!
    Ocho, Maryne, and Rich — hard to beat Ocho’s smile!

    I first met Maryne as a freshman at Boston University at the BU climbing wall. She was part of the scene at the rock wall in a way that I was so obviously not — as one of the supervisors at the rock wall, she belonged to the upper echelon of cool kids who partied together, hung out together, and rumor had it that they even climbed outside. Plus they knew how to pronounce her name, whi …

  2. Little Women & Climate Change

    · 17 min read ·
    Cutting your hair is always traumatic.Cutting your hair is always traumatic.
    Cutting your hair is always traumatic.

    Reporting to you live as we pass through Topeka, Kansas — the last day of our journey to Colorado!

    On the rainy night of December 26th, 2019, we went to see Little Women at the charming Red River Theater in downtown Concord. Little Women is one of those movies that I’m aware of in a way that stretches back to the early days of my childhood; I know I’ve seen the original black and whi …

  3. Somewhere Over a Pass in Oregon

    · 4 min read ·
    View from Willamette PassView from Willamette Pass
    View from Willamette Pass

    We are en route to Bend, Oregon and are at this moment surrounded by lush greenery, towering over the our car. Every so often there is a clearing to our left and I can see “Lookout Point Lake” as well as the dreamy Cascades capped in snow. Sun streams through the pockets between trees and mix with patches of fog to send out a radiance of color and light. This is the Oregon I imagi …

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