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  1. A Taste Of The SLO Life

    · 6 min read ·
    A kind stranger took this photo of us at the top of Bishop’s Peak!
    A kind stranger took this photo of us at the top of Bishop’s Peak!

    We can’t not write about our recent trip to California that we are most certainly riding a high from. This was the first trip in … a long while … that we went on just for fun! No weddings, no holiday commitments, just friends to see and good times to have!

    We’ve been planning a trip to visit friends Natalie and Ryan in beautiful San Luis Obispo since 2019 (James reminds Sheila) and it …

  2. A Colorado Elopement!

    · 9 min read ·

  3. Interview: A Year Of Quarantine

    · 7 min read ·
    Buckwheat doesn’t even know that there’s a life outside of quarantine

    James: Well, here we are. Five months into home-ownership, and a full year into quarantine. Sorry we’ve taken such a hiatus from our ever-attentive readers. There’s been the tendency to look inwards in this time; I was talking to one of my best friends the other day and we both were remarking about how easy it is to accidentally not keep people in touch, since with the people you …

  4. On Buying A House

    · 6 min read ·
    Sheila walking outside of … our new home?!

    Well, we took a month-long sabbatical back to the East Coast — escaping the worst of the Denver (and, to be fair, national) heat wave by driving back to New Hampshire to visit family & friends in late July. Upon arriving back to Colorado, with Buckwheat capering excitedly (no dog has ever been more relieved to get out of the car), we took a look around at our apartment and realized it was time to …

  5. She & Jim Got A Puppy

    · 5 min read ·
    The lady from the rescue snapped this photo on her way out. After, we turned to each other in shock that we actually got a puppy!

    From the kitchen, I look out toward our main living space (a bold name for its size) and see toys scattered across the floor. Our snake plant, once my loyal backdrop in yoga videos, is kept safe atop a tall stool. Remnants of sticks and leaves dot the carpet, along with pieces of raw veggies that were discarded by their consumer. My mind says boy I’m sleepy but my heart says *I’m overjoye …

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