1. A Long-Expected Party

    · 8 min read ·
    Hiking at Castle in the Clouds, Lakes Region, NH
    Hiking at Castle in the Clouds, Lakes Region, NH

  2. In Memory Of Mark Mercer

    · 5 min read ·
    Mark, doing what he did best.

    Losing a loved one is always hard. What I’ve learned from loss, so far, is that everybody grieves differently; that each one is hard in its own right; that the best of our family and friends can live on in our minds even as the last time we saw them stretches backwards in time. All of that said, losing Mark hurt, and I found myself grieving him even before he’d really gone.

  3. A Taste Of The SLO Life

    · 6 min read ·
    A kind stranger took this photo of us at the top of Bishop’s Peak!

    We can’t not write about our recent trip to California that we are most certainly riding a high from. This was the first trip in … a long while … that we went on just for fun! No weddings, no holiday commitments, just friends to see and good times to have!

    We’ve been planning a trip to visit friends Natalie and Ryan in beautiful San Luis Obispo since 2019 (James reminds Sheila) and it …

  4. A Colorado Elopement!

    · 9 min read ·

  5. Interview: A Year Of Quarantine

    · 7 min read ·
    Buckwheat doesn’t even know that there’s a life outside of quarantine

    James: Well, here we are. Five months into home-ownership, and a full year into quarantine. Sorry we’ve taken such a hiatus from our ever-attentive readers. There’s been the tendency to look inwards in this time; I was talking to one of my best friends the other day and we both were remarking about how easy it is to accidentally not keep people in touch, since with the people you …

  6. On Buying A House

    · 6 min read ·
    Sheila walking outside of … our new home?!

    Well, we took a month-long sabbatical back to the East Coast — escaping the worst of the Denver (and, to be fair, national) heat wave by driving back to New Hampshire to visit family & friends in late July. Upon arriving back to Colorado, with Buckwheat capering excitedly (no dog has ever been more relieved to get out of the car), we took a look around at our apartment and realized it was time to …

  7. She & Jim Got A Puppy

    · 5 min read ·
    The lady from the rescue snapped this photo on her way out. After, we turned to each other in shock that we actually got a puppy!

    From the kitchen, I look out toward our main living space (a bold name for its size) and see toys scattered across the floor. Our snake plant, once my loyal backdrop in yoga videos, is kept safe atop a tall stool. Remnants of sticks and leaves dot the carpet, along with pieces of raw veggies that were discarded by their consumer. My mind says boy I’m sleepy but my heart says *I’m overjoye …

  8. Once Upon A Quarantine

    · 7 min read ·
    We have gone on exactly two hikes. Looking forward to fixing this number!

    👋 well, it sure has been a while. In some ways, it seems just yesterday that Jimmy Fallon and others were joking that after just a few “short” weeks of lockdown, it already felt like years of being cooped up. As states — including Colorado — now begin to re-open, we’re left reflecting on the last 10 weeks of Coronavirus-induced quarantine, and lives spent mostly indoors.

    James previously …

  9. Musings From Our New Home

    · 3 min read ·
    Walking around Sloan’s Lake on March 21!

    Well, here we are folks! She & Jim have just moved into a new part of life — literally moving into a some stability as far as residence goes — an interesting juxtaposition against the striking instability of the greater world.

    Yes, it’s true — we signed a lease on an apartment and moved in one week ago! Someday perhaps we’ll reflect on the woes of apartment hunting and the love & loss …

  10. Meet the Host: Rich & Maryne

    · 6 min read ·
    Ocho, Maryne, and Rich — hard to beat Ocho’s smile!

    I first met Maryne as a freshman at Boston University at the BU climbing wall. She was part of the scene at the rock wall in a way that I was so obviously not — as one of the supervisors at the rock wall, she belonged to the upper echelon of cool kids who partied together, hung out together, and rumor had it that they even climbed outside. Plus they knew how to pronounce her name, whi …

  11. Little Women & Climate Change

    · 17 min read ·
    Cutting your hair is always traumatic.

    Reporting to you live as we pass through Topeka, Kansas — the last day of our journey to Colorado!

    On the rainy night of December 26th, 2019, we went to see Little Women at the charming Red River Theater in downtown Concord. Little Women is one of those movies that I’m aware of in a way that stretches back to the early days of my childhood; I know I’ve seen the original black and whi …

  12. Somewhere Over a Pass in Oregon

    · 4 min read ·
    View from Willamette Pass

    We are en route to Bend, Oregon and are at this moment surrounded by lush greenery, towering over the our car. Every so often there is a clearing to our left and I can see “Lookout Point Lake” as well as the dreamy Cascades capped in snow. Sun streams through the pockets between trees and mix with patches of fog to send out a radiance of color and light. This is the Oregon I imagi …

  13. Interview: Off to Oregon

    · 3 min read ·

    Sheila: we’ve just passed the famous New Hampshire highway liquor & wine outlet and are zooming our way to Boston. Why? Because tomorrow we fly at dawn off to Oregon! James and I are lucky enough to be enjoying the ride while our Uber driver, my dad, takes the wheel.

    James: we are both very excited to be off on the next adventure! While Sheila takes her life coaching prog …

  14. 2020 Vision

    · 5 min read ·
    The every day beautiful sunset on Casey Key, made more precious with this pup!

    What’s that? 😲 Is that 2020 on the horizon? Yep, yep it is. I’m not one for setting “New Year’s resolutions,” but I do like to reflect on the year past — perhaps because the bounds of time (that being January 1 — January 1) helps me to focus in on what has transpired.

    Where was I January first 2019 … ah yes, I was on the coast of Florida soaking up the sun with my family, my best friend, and an a …

  15. Rereading Harry Potter And Stoicism

    · 10 min read ·
    Somehow whenever I think of Harry Potter and Hogwarts, I think of Christmas

    Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home. - J.K. Rowling

    As Sheila and I flew home from England at the end of August and the trip came to a close, we were presented with a veritable host of movie options as part of our in-flight entertainment. Perhaps because we’d had our chance at a Harry Potter tour while in Londo …

  16. We Hate The Word Busy

    · 4 min read ·
    Sheila & Mango outside Revelstoke in Concord, NH - one of our new favorite places!

    Yesterday, we spent the day commemorating and celebrating the life of Ann-Marie Murray, with the launch of the Three Good Things Project. It was an important moment of reflection, and in many ways harder than last year’s remembrance, when we were all still in something like shock. The past year has made for many amazing moments for both Sheila & mysel …

  17. Interview: “Traveling Light”

    · 6 min read ·
    One bag rethinks how much you need

    Sheila: Hi there, James

    James: 👋 Hi my friend, here I am. What’s on the docket for us today?

    Sheila: Well, this will be the starter post to a weekly series — an idea I had to hold us accountable to talking and writing about various topics. Topics will be chosen either by us, or by readers (so feel free to comment or …

  18. September Inhale & Exhale

    · 9 min read ·
    Is this day amazing, awful, or ordinary? Every day is an opportunity to answer this question.

    “Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful, and relax and exhale during the ordinary.”

  19. How To Save Money

    · 7 min read ·
    Saving money is hard, but every little bit counts

    If you’ve ever asked yourself:

    • what’s the best way to save money?
    • how can I afford the things I want and still pay my bills?
    • is it possible to stop living paycheck to paycheck?

    You are not alone. Money remains a taboo subject, even amongst the best of friends, while simultaneously existing as the subtle requirement for the vast majority of social events, outdoor activities, travel dre …

  20. On Returning Home

    · 2 min read ·

    The word “Home” isn’t something I’ve ever put a lot of thought into when used — I suppose it’s really the outcome of, over a certain amount of time, a feeling that is cultivated within me. Home is comfort, Home is safe, Home is where I am most myself but also am inspired to explore the depths into what that means. Ever since moving into my freshman dorm room at St. Lawrence University in 2011, I …

  21. Interview: Touring England with a Special Guest

    · 14 min read ·
    An especially sunny day in England. I think my dad brought the sunshine with him!

    Sheila: Gooood morning James.

    James: 👋 hi my friend.

    Sheila: Here we are, at our favorite coffee shop in London, …

  22. Cambridge & The Cotswolds

    · 7 min read ·
    The views from Stroud, in the Cotswolds

    Double post Friday! Welcome to our long awaited United Kingdom update from our somewhat rainy, consistently charming lodging in Sopworth, a town that even people who live near it have never heard of. That is to say — we are now well off the beaten path, and loving it. We’re here with Sheila’s dad, who is visiting us for the week! It’s hard to believe that he booked his tickets during our [ …

  23. Meet the Host: Gerard

    · 3 min read ·
    Gerard & I reunited in Cambridge, England!

    Gerard and I met while on the Bow High School Nordic Team. We were likely doing arm circles at the time, making conversation and singing songs to forget the pain. That team was one of the most special groups I’ve ever been a part of, as it tightly bonded people that may never have met through suffering, cold, and winning. I’ve been fortunate to stay in touch with many of those that were on …

  24. Thirty-One Things I Love

    · 6 min read ·
    Sheila surprised me with chocolate tahini cake for my birthday

    When I woke up in my bed on my birthday in Chamonix last year, I imagined how fun it would be for Sheila & I to spend some time in this amazing outdoor playground. I had no idea, then, that our traveling plans would be set into motion so soon afterwards, and that we would indeed make it back there so soon. A year later, and after four months on the road, I can honestly say that this trip ha …

  25. Meet The Host: Palma

    · 3 min read ·

    Sheila: I first met Palma because we sat next to one another at work. Instantly I loved and was amused by her — her chic style, her marketing know-how, and hilarious honesty in reviewing American culture. We were quite opposite in our daily energies, as I rose around 5:15am and she was still as she said “turned in the bed” at 8am, and she was active in the evening whereas I turned into a se …

  26. Hiking in Chamonix

    · 9 min read ·
    For our next trick …

    We just spent the last four days exploring Chamonix, the mountain town straddling the French-Italian border that I first visited on my very first trip to Europe in 2011. I remember staring upwards, transfixed by the snow at the top of Mont Blanc and the ponderous glaciers high overhead. Though I was only there for a little over an hour, that initial glimpse into this charming Alps activity Mecca …

  27. First 24 hours in Chamonix, France

    · 5 min read ·

    It’s not so often that a single day is packed with serendipity. Our first day in Chamonix certainly was!

    First off — We arrived to Chamonix off a nearly 10 hour train + bus trip that was actually pleasant due to a nice stop in Annecy (which we’ll touch on in a future post!), lots of leg room, and an abundance of snacks. We were ready to explore!

  28. Interview: How do you say “heat wave” in French?

    · 4 min read ·