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Sheila: I first met Palma because we sat next to one another at work. Instantly I loved and was amused by her — her chic style, her marketing know-how, and hilarious honesty in reviewing American culture. We were quite opposite in our daily energies, as I rose around 5:15am and she was still as she said “turned in the bed” at 8am, and she was active in the evening whereas I turned into a self proclaimed “pumpkin”. I think these energies blended together quite well and the full bond probably solidified when we both traded in our office chairs for giant bouncey balls.

I was so sad when she left our desk pod for Switzerland, and promised her I would come visit ASAP. And so we did.

James: Palma and I bonded around the same time that she was making friends with Sheila. Our conversations about the different ways that people express love, culturally, were deeply interesting and spurred further talks that unknowingly must have mirrored the ones she was having with Sheila. Our mutual … amusement, and slight distaste … for small talk turned into hilarious chats comparing her experiences in Barcelona and Italy with her time in Boston, and the weird blend of frankness & casual dishonesty present in American conversations.

Sheila bought a couch from Palma right as we started dating and I remember well our adventure in moving the couch pieces from Palma’s place in Boston’s North End to the basement of my apartment temporarily. Even then, we were planning to visit her; the smile on her face, seeing Sheila & myself together, during the one moment we had together whilst moving the couch was something I cherished for months afterwards. I always suspected that Palma had some deep intuition about the right kind of match between people, and that smile confirmed it for me!

Sheila: Now, let’s hear a bit from this lovely lady!

What’s your favorite thing about where you live?

What I appreciate the most in Thalwil and, in general in Switzerland, is the beautiful and well preserved landscape and the easy access to products of high quality.

People who live in Switzerland connect with the nature and is a perfect way to de-stress and do some sports.

Teach us some local slang…

  • Grüezi: you hear it everywhere. It means “Hello” in swiss german. I love when you meet unknown people on the streets of villages and by default says “Grüezi”.
  • Toi-toi-toi: this is a funny way for me to say “Good luck” in Swiss German,

Where is the best place you’ve traveled to?

I went recently to Japan and I felt in love - even more - with that culture. Nature is wonderful, Japanese are super respectful with other humans and with the nature and the food is amazing!

What makes you laugh?

Makes me laugh the dark humor and jokes of the stereotypes around the cultures i know the most.

What is your favorite meal of the day? What would you eat/drink during it?

My favourite meal is the breakfast, since I met my husband. In Turkey breakfasts are very important socially: families get together on Sunday morning to have big breakfast and catch up.

I eat mostly savory food: tomatoes, cucumber, fresch cheese, olives, bread and a cup of cofee.

Describe what it’s like to host Sheila & James in three words…

Host Sheila and James is like having a workshop in selfcare: we have cooked together healthy food, walked 3 hours a day, fix the world and laugh a lot! I love it!

Where can people follow your cool life?

In Instagram: @palma82

Saying hi to Hue and Palma at the office in Zurich
Saying hi to Hue and Palma at the office in Zurich
James and Palma on our casual 3 hour walk, the first night in Thalwil
James and Palma on our casual 3 hour walk, the first night in Thalwil

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