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Published: 2022-06-16
Prep time: 1 minutes
Baking time: 0 minutes
Serves: 1
# of Ratings: 1

Clean energy is important to us. It’s why we got solar panels on our house almost as soon as we’d moved in; it’s why we prioritize high-quality ingredients and prefer eating local whenever possible. The less processing that goes into what we eat & drink, the better; when our food is processed, we vastly prefer the processing to be organic (like our sourdough).

This is one of the many reasons why we love Naked Nutrition, and it’s the reason we turned to their Wellness Shot when a second cup of coffee feels like too much for one day. 5 ingredients, and no chemicals?! That’s the kind of pick-me-up energy shot I can get behind. The taste is just the right blend of spicy and sweet, and I love the warm after-glow from drinking this thing, even on a hot day.

We’ve been enjoying these shots over the past few months - they’re delicious, alone, and I also note that they can be added to a green smoothie or other blendable for a nice added kick!


  • Naked Nutrition Naked Fire Shot!


  • Can be added to smoothies for an energetic kick!
  • Alternatively (and I recommend this at least the first time you try one) sip slowly, and savor!

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